Partner - Selena Betton

Philosophie des Partners

As an Advisor in Leadership and Coach, Selena helps business leaders by unlocking unconscious resistances getting in the way of their growth - aligning head, heart and spirit. Founder of the REACH approach to transformation, she integrates Eastern and Western approaches, philosophy, art, somatic and other practices from all walks of life, earning her the moniker #notacookiecuttercoach.

Whether it's personal dilemmas, cultural conflicts, dysfunctional teams or incongruent leadership, Selena's gentle yet deep approach gets to the root cause. Transformation does not always have to be a struggle.

Born in Malaysia, Selena has lived and worked across ten countries and six continents. In two decades of corporate life, she experienced the booms and busts of mergers, integrations and acquisitions across the world. She is no stranger to rising above - by reaching deeper within. Active in social innovation and group dynamics, she is also a volunteer mentor for refugees in Switzerland.

Selena Betton